Who can help you?

That would be me!

Rebecca Bond, social guru extraordinaire 😎 but also a mum of two and a Northern girl to boot. I can take your social presence and make it pop, or I can teach you how to do it yourself and then be by your side, yelling in your ear, while you put it into practice.

The choice, is yours.

I want to run my business not mess about on Facebook! What can you do for me?I don't have money to burn! Teach me how to do social (but please don't yell at me).

Angela Laverick, My Kid Rocks

“I’ve come away with so much information and ways to improve on what I’m already doing and I feel like I understand so much more. I’m going to look at doing more workshops with Socially Bonded as they were fun and informative and I’ve come away buzzing!” 

Charge Forward

Business marketing plans bespoke to you

Social media is an ever-changing beast and you have more than enough demands on your time without trying to keep up with the latest information. But it is an essential component of any marketing plan nowadays and used well it can be the most cost-effective part too.

That’s where I come in!

Whether you want to maintain control of it all yourself but need some pointers to work out what to post, when and how to get those posts seen, or whether you want someone to step in and take it off your to-do list entirely, I can build you an affordable proposal unique to your business. 

Expert speaker & trainer

Let’s do this!

I’m a big believer in collaboration and so enjoy nothing more than teaching others and sharing my knowledge. I lead training workshops for local businesses which are interactive, personalised and (I’m told) fun.

Then there’s my School of Social Media for those who want to get strategic with their social media, but I also love speaking at events and on panels and was a keynote speaker for Business Durham’s Go Digital 2019 event.

So if you’re planning a conference or wanting to upskill yourself or your team, drop me a message and we’ll chat.

It's not just me, by the way

I work alongside other specialists in SEO, web design & ad strategy to provide a full digital package


What I can do for you

There really isn’t one single answer to this as every business has its own unique needs and budget, so what I can do for you depends mainly on what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s blog writing, graphic creation, an audit or strategy, full channel management or a few hours a month of consultancy time, I have a range of options to suit your budget. 

You can therefore read all my blatant sales copy about the various services I offer or simply book yourself a FREE 20min discovery call HERE.

All-inclusive SMM

Does what it says on the tin – this monthly package gets you everything so you never have to think about social again.

Content & strategy

This quarterly package gives you a full strategy and all the content you need to carry it out yourself.

Group or 1-2-1 training

Want to upskill yourself or your team? This option is a one-off cost that will buy you knowledge and confidence.



This is ideal if you want to make sure you have some expert guidance while you develop your marketing.

Now it’s your turn

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