Who is Socially Bonded?

Where did I come from? Why would you hire me? Why do you need me in your business!?

So. Many. Questions…

A seasoned marketeer in various sectors

I fell into marketing by accident straight out of university when I took a part time shop job that turned into store management, then head office and then regional management before I took a career break to have a family. In those 10 years I covered FMCG, fair trade, non food and services and learnt about print, online and in-store marketing as well as merchandising and direct sales.

A successful balancer of business and parenting

Since our kids came along and wreaked havoc on our lives I chose not to return to employment but have used my marketing skills to build my own successful businesses – first a childminding service, then a pre-loved maternity clothes rental service, and finally Socially Bonded, my social media marketing consultancy, which I established in 2016.

A passionate advocate for small businesses

Over these last few years I’ve worked with Taste Award-winning vegan chocolate brands, landscape architects, audiologists, baby massage course teachers, yoga studio owners, beauticians, family-run bakeries, social enterprises, personal trainers, accountants, clothing brands, ACE-funded arts organisations, the NCT and Attachment Parenting UK (phew!).

Proven Success

The numbers don’t lie

Social media is a numbers game, but it’s notoriously hard to prove ROI. Rather than focusing on vanity metrics like follower numbers I look for increased engagement, lead generation and website visits as a measure of success. 

*stats are taken from one client’s Jan 2020 data vs Dec 2019. They are typical of what can be achieved on an underperforming account within a few weeks.


More website hits*


More reach*


Happy clients

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