Free things that will help you

There are so many elements to a successful social media strategy and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! On this page you will find lots of free guidance for things like hashtags, content creation and analytics that will give you the essential information to get going. For everything else, let’s chat.


Finding your hashtags

Once upon a time you only needed to worry about hashtags if you were on Twitter or Instagram, but now they’ve infiltrated Facebook and LinkedIn too. But this is good! It makes your content more discoverable.

Want to know which hashtags will get your posts in front of your audience? Click here to request your FREE guide.

Creating Videos & Graphics

COMING SOON, a free download with all my personal tools for creating eye-catching and comment-inducing videos, memes, graphics and more.


Curating Engaging Content

It’s all very well shouting about your offers, but your followers want to know you understand them and that they can trust you. Sharing content from other sources shows you have your finger on the pulse and helps you tap into viral trends.

So how do you find it? Download this playbook to find out.

Finding your influencers

Influencers can seriously boost your organic reach, but only if you choose the right ones. This FREE playbook shows you how.
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28 Days of Awesome Content

How many hours do you waste wondering what to post on your pages? And how often do you just dash off a “this-will-do” post out of desperation?

Stop right there! We both know that’s not going to get you anywhere. The key is planning, and I rock at that! So here you go: a FREE content planner with all the posts that you need.

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Be a Data Geek

COMING SOON, an essential guide to analysing your stats so you can refine your content, schedule and ads. This will remove The Fear from social media analytics and leave you feeling like a genius!