Focus to Thrive

When I first set out to create The School of Social Media I had these grand plans for creating huge numbers of courses. Then I stopped and asked myself WHY???

I have learnt so much from some seriously amazing experts, but if I were to create a course I’d simply be regurgitating theirs. So instead, I decided to share these courses with you, as a bonus in my School, so you can access the same high level training that I have. And as a little extra I’ve also included links to the tools that I cannot do my job without. 

Some of these links are affiliates and earn me commission, as well as conferring a benefit for yourself

Beyond The Grid

This is an incredible course focused solely on Instagram. It’s run by Faye Morgan from 365Day Social and if you check out her own Instagram feed you’ll see EXACTLY why she is THE person to learn about Insta from.

I took her course when it was known as Insta With Impact and found it invaluable for planning a client’s grid and getting continued engagement despite Facebook’s best algorithm efforts!

Learn more about Beyond The Grid


LinkedIn Leads Machine

This is another of Cathy’s brilliant courses and one which I’m working through myself. Before I’d even finished the second module I’d had an enquiry through LinkedIn from EXACTLY the kind of business I wanted to work with!

Cathy is a LinkedIn Powerhouse and is regularly asked to speak on how to market effectively on this channel.

Learn more about LinkedIn Leads Machine

As a bonus, Cathy also offers a FREE webinar on getting a steady stream of leads from LinkedIn.

Register for the webinar HERE


Digital Mums

This is where it all started for me and if you want to future-proof your career by learning some digital skills, you can’t go wrong with this amazing training.

There are various different levels you can go in at, from their Retox, for people needing a social media refresher, to the full Diploma. They also offer training on Ads, content creation, and have the #WorkThatWorks community.

Learn more about Digital Mums



This is one of the tools that I L.O.V.E. It’s a brilliantly easy “whiteboard and explainer” video creator and there are always really good lifetime access deals around.

Learn more about Doodly

Facebook Ads Leads Machine

This is a real specialist area and while I offer top level training myself, if you want to do a deep dive then you need to be training with an Ads Strategist.

Cathy Wassell is one of the big hitters in the social media world and has trained with the best herself, so you are getting a whole heap of knowledge on all of her courses.

Learn more about the Facebook Ads Leads Machine

Videos Undifficulted

Video creates more engagement than still images and if you want to learn about creating incredible social video, Danielle Bayes is the person you want to be learning from.

She has many short courses on specific apps (Vllo, Mojo, iMovie and more) as well as courses on using a green screen, creating video polls and her brilliant TikTok course.

Most of Danielle’s courses are a low cost investment with the cheapest being just a fiver.

Learn more about Videos Undifficulted


You CANNOT have an effective social campaign without good images and graphics. And unless you have a massive bank of them ready to go, you’re going to need to be creating some. That’s where Canva comes in. It’s simple, intuitive and packed with amazing animations, stickers and customisable elements. All the graphics you see on my website have been done in Canva and everyone I’ve introduced it to has been amazed by its functionality.

Most people can manage fine with the free version, but if you want to be able to auto-resize, remove backgrounds, animate and have access to a wider range of icons, images, videos and stickers, then you REALLY want to go Pro.

Learn more about Canva

The Ads Manager Toolkit

This is a great addition if you are heading down the route of running social media ads. It contains swipe files of awesome ads for inspiration, a guide to placing the Facebook Pixel on your website, editable templates, guidance and much more.

Learn more about the Ads Manager Toolkit

The Social Media Manager Toolkit

This is more one for those who are venturing into freelancer territory. Packed with onboarding templates, guides on building your website, keeping on top of financials and lots more, this is ideal to get you up and running with your own business.

Learn more about The SMM Toolkit


If you want a scheduler that does EVERYTHING then this is the one you need. It’s not free, so you do want to be doing more than some occasional posting to a couple of channels. But if like me you have a number of accounts to keep a check on and you want to make sure there are a mix of content themes going out, this is awesome.

Other amazing features include the ability to auto-recycle posts (especially good for evergreen blogs or keeping Twitter fed), the content finder, and you can now also engage and check your inbox from within your account.

Learn more about SmarterQueue


This is a little different. This is a membership but if you can only afford one, this is the one you want.

Atomic are Andrew & Pete, a high-octane duo from Newcastle who are incredibly motivating. They are the people behind the MASSIVE Atomicon conference each year and you get a ticket to that as part of your membership.

Inside Atomic you have access to their full day training bonanzas, both live and to revisit afterwards, plus there are regular challenges, sprints, extra perks, Table Talk trainings and mini courses. 

Atomic is for any business owner, large or small, and it is about getting you scaled up, successful and charging what you’re worth.

Learn more about Atomic