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If you're looking for someone to take over your accounts and run them for you, or to provide you with specific elements like content, strategy or a marketing plan,


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Research & Analysis

For the first two weeks I’ll build up a picture of your ideal customers and what interests them, and then scope out your competitors to see what’s worked for them (and what definitely hasn’t!). I’ll also run an audit on your own channels to see where we can get some quick wins.

Strategy creation

Next I’ll scour social media for the most influential people to build relationships with; the most engaging content, and the best hashtag mix to reach your target customers.

Then I’ll take all this information and put it into an easy to understand PDF with clear next steps.

Execute & Monitor

Finally, we put it all into action and go live on your accounts. At this point you will know what’s going out and when and will have had full control of graphics and tone of voice. We then test out the strategy and monitor the stats on a monthly basis to see where tweaks are needed.

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There are so many aspects to social media marketing that I could waffle on here for hours, but instead I’ve highlighted some of the most popular services for you to scroll through.

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Social Listening & Influencer Outreach

There are millions of people out there who’ve not heard of you, but I can find you the conversations to join and the people who will spread the word, filling the top of your funnel with new leads.

This can be a one-off project or a quarterly piece of work. 

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Content Bank Creation

Another project, this one is great if you have a visual brand and need a large quantity of images, blogs or short videos to engage your audience.

Prices vary depending on the content required and can be monthly, quarterly or as a one-off.

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This takes social media off your to-do list entirely as me and my team do all the posting, engaging and strategising for you.

Prices start from £450 per month for one channel and there is the option to create a bespoke package for your budget.

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Social Advertising

I’ve specialised in helping businesses that don’t have hundreds to spend every month – some have had as little as £50. I can find your potential customers, engage them and help build leads.

Prices start from £250 for one platform (Facebook and Instagram count as one).

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Social Strategy

This is a one-off project where I work with you to drill down into your customers’ personas, work out what their pain points are and come up with a marketing angle for you which answers these.

Prices start from £600 for one channel. 

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Moral Support (aka Consultancy)

This isn’t as fluffy as it sounds! You book anything from 1 hour to 24 hours (over 12 weeks) of my time to spend it as you wish. Generally that’s to help you implement a strategy, or to give you pointers on your channels, but the choice is yours.

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